Evgeniy Vivcharyk



Performing preparatory work on maintenance of lighting equipment; - ensuring the creation of light effects on the set; - Installation / dismantling of lighting equipment. - performing preparatory work on the maintenance of film equipment; - service on the set of widescreen, widescreen equipment and the system of remote and television surveillance of the frame and the work of the shooting equipment; - to check the cinematographic equipment; - perform maintenance and maintenance of film cameras and camera equipment; - Assisting the operator on filming.

Certificates and education

Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Department of optical and laser technic construction, 1996-2002 In 2002 start working like electrician in Patriot Rental House. Familiar with ARRI, Desisty, KINOFLO, Tungsten, HMI, led lighting, dynamic lighting. Familiar with lighting grip and car mount as well. Worked with most of ukrainian productions such as Gulliver Film, Pack Shot Boys, Esse House, Limelite, Family, 2332, Toy Pictures, Shoot Group, Gvardiya Film and others.

Foreign languages

ENGLISH - Upper-Intermediate



Х/ф "Storm school" (Кремень)" (2022)

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LiimeLite, Music Video "Christine and the Queens - Girlfriend (feat. Dâm-Funk)" (2018)

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LiimeLite, Music Video "OrelSan - La pluie (feat. Stromae)" (2018)

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Michel Amatie

Gvardya Film, "Green Day" (2017)

Joachim Berk

“Seven Years of Winter”. (2011)

Eduardo Ramirez Gonzales

“Rzhevsky VS Napoleon” (2010)

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"La Terre Outragee” (The Land of Oblivion) France-Ukraine (2010)

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"Do not say" (2009)

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